BOK Center Tulsa

César Pelli was asked by Tulsa city officials to create an arena that would be an architectural icon. To achieve this, Pelli employed cultural and architectural themes of the city, including Native American, art deco, and contemporary styles,making heavy use of swirling circular elements in the exterior and interior designs of the building.  A 103-foot (31 m), 600-foot (180 m) long iconic glass facade featuring 1,600 350-pound (160 kg) panels wrap around the building in an escalating motion leaning at a five-degree angle. 33,000 stainless steel panels produced and installed by Zahner continue the upward spiraling path around the circumference of the structure. The interior follows the motion, with grand staircases that wrap around a portion of the building from the main lobby. In total, the building’s design required 350,000 square feet (33,000 m2) of exterior stainless steel panels, 75,000 square feet (7,000 m2) of glass, 30,000 cubic yards (23,000 m3) of concrete, and 4,000 tons of structural steel. For more information please Wiki: BOK Center Tulsa.