Woodward Park, Tulsa

Woodward Park (34 acres) is a public park, botanical garden, and arboretum located between 21st Street and 24th Street east of South Peoria Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
The park contains a number of specialty gardens, including those featuring spring flowers, tropical plants and cacti, the Tulsa Rose Garden, the Tulsa Garden Center, and the Tulsa Arboretum. The park is particularly known for its azaleas, as well as tulips, irises, dogwoods, and redbuds. The Rose Garden (established 1935) features over 9,000 roses of over 250 varieties.
The city of Tulsa purchased a 45-acre tract of land in 1909 for $100 an acre from Herbert Woodward. This area, then called “Perryman’s pasture,” was part of a 160-acre allotment Helen Woodward, a Creek Indian had received from the Five Civilized Tribes Indian Commission. Helen was a minor when her father and guardian, Herbert Woodward, sold the land without her consent. In 1925, Helen, then known as Helen Slemp, sued Tulsa.
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