The Ghost of Inspiration

I really did not feel I had a good direction on this. I tried fish from my aquarium. I thought about the people of a certain religion that spin endlessly. The fish where just to mundane and simple and I don’t live anywhere near the middle east. So I thought… ghosts move as well. I tried setting up my bicycle lights in certain ways to accent the ghost(me with a sheet over) and after a lot of trying I ended up with 4 photos I liked the most. I liked the color and defused soft light accents on the ghost. Latter on I though… maybe the ones where I didn’t like the color so much where interesting in a different way. I the images  to a certain point until I liked what I saw. It turned out more about the ghostliness itself. For me is the Ghost of Inspiration. It comes and goes as it pleases moving in and out of my head. I enjoyed myself making these images. Not all of them may be interesting. I think that depends on viewer.  I think I may explore this subject a little more this weekend and see what else the ghost has in store. Hopefully more surreal.