The Unexpected Photo

I went for a bike ride today on my bicycle and took “all” of my photo equipment with me. So far it still fits in a backpack. Who knows why? Maybe I just thought I would need it. I’ve been taking photos of trees and today I approached a few friendly geese. Those will be a somewhat funny set of pictures.

The weather today was not perfect. The sky was a little cloudy and there was haze making the light softer. I always ride the same trail and I usually re-take pictures of things I’ve photograph before if I see them in a different light. I came to the pedestrian bridge on Riverside Park and it didn’t have the usual super bright light coming from all sides. There was however only one couple sitting on a bench in conversation. Usually there are at least 50 walking up or down. After seen them I immediately thought of asking them to pose for some photos. The light was perfect for it without having to have a fill flash to tone down the contrast.

I’m not the kind of person that approaches people easily. Looking down the bridge and then looking somewhere else and then looking back trying to build the nerve to ask. Well, I talked myself out of it… I’m sure it looked a little weird to the couple been stared at from afar… so I thought I blew it and that they are going to say no. I pedaled off on my bike and started to think again about he opportunity I was missing so I rode in circles for a while thinking of what to say, how to say it, talking myself into it. Finally I decided to ride back to them and ask in any way possible to pose for some photos. I did! They where really nice and allowed me to take pictures of them. Then I asked for their email to send them copies of the photos. I think they turned out very nice and they look like they had a good time during the shoot. If you are reading this Monica and Andres?  Thank you again!

Riding away from the bridge after the experience I realized the tremendous tension headache. But I also felt very exited about the photos and getting home to process them on my computer. So after some ibuprofen and a warm shower I processed the photos. Here are some of them.